America Gomorrah - Real World

Words and Music
by Gene Crout


I wish that I could find the words to tell you how I feel
I wish communication weren't so much a vain appeal
And I,
I'd like to show you
I'd like to take you in
Tear down the curtain of this world we're in

How can I find the words
that language doesn't have?
What can I do to convey to you?
The world has raised you with blinders on
Those rosy shades of "the real"

A man once told me
That faith is for the weak
Those who can't handle the truth
Well I tell you, the opposite is True
Only the strong will accept the thorns and the nails

And In the end it's up to you
Only pride in your way
That freewill that you love so
May cost the price that you pay

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