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"America Gomorrah are a top notch Prog Rock band that is highly skillful, yet very real. From 'Truth To A Lie' to 'More Than A Carpenter' and the moving 'Through A Glass Darkly' America Gomorrah employ a number of familiar traits, but execute the ideas with great style and taste. From the cover artwork, to the playing, this is a very impressive release and should be of interest to anyone into quality music and fine playing."

Simon Lukic     Simon Sez Issue 6
"Anybody fancy some Christian progressive metal? Nah, didn't think so but what if I said does anybody fancy a band that has some elements of Metallica, Dream Theater, Black Sabbath with the melodies of Royal Hunt, I think that caught your attention didn't it. Well that's exactly what you get with our next band the very talented America Gomorrah whose CD "Exchanging Truth for a Lie" was a very pleasant suprise. Led by Guitarist, Vocalist Gene Crout this is one very talented band indeed. Like all good progressive bands most of their songs are over the five minute mark, they're also quite diverse in style and contain a fair amount of melody for a metal band. The pick of the songs for me would have to be "Truth for a Lie" with it's bruising riff and clever use of keyboards, the funky "Revelation 101" and the Primus meets Conception style brilliance of "This Present Plague" that is inspired genius at it's finest. Plus for all you lovers of songs of epic proportions there's the thirteen minute long "Through a Glass Darkly" that has more twists and turns than a country road. One of the most musical and creative bands to have graced this column and that's a fact."

Rob Evans     Powerplay Magazine Issue 23
"Their style of music could best be described as hard rock with a substantial dose of seventies influences coupled with a number of progressive influences, as well as projecting a Christian Rock message...The final three tracks on the album are the most progressive...and include an atmospheric introduction (Prelude) to a great rocking instrumental, This Present Plague...Closing the album is the longest track, Through A Glass Darkly, clocking in at just under thirteen minutes and is one of the better tunes of the whole album. Some groups tend to run flat when trying to present a rock epic. This is not the case with America Gomorrah who manage to merge the mellow and subtle opening section with a nice rocking middle section...As I mentioned initially, this album cannot be defined as a totally progressive rock album. America Gomorrah manage to fuse classic melodic rock with progressive rock influences at times to create a very encouraging album. Some people might be put off by the open Christian rock message that is promoted in the album, but believe me when I tell you that the music presented should dispel any skeptics. I look forward to the next album from this group." 7.5/10

Nigel Camilleri     CD Reviewer for the Dutch Progressive Rock Pages
"This is an album chock-full of some of the best AOR prog-rock I have ever heard! I had recently read in another review that the reviewer was afraid this disc would be "too metal for him".... well, I was afraid it wouldn't be "metal enough" for me! I am very proud to announce that we were both wrong! This release IS more rock than metal but can easily be digested and enjoyed by fans of prog-metal bands such as Dream Theater as well as fans of the more subdued variety of prog artists like Kerry Livgren and Yes. The production on this is probably the best I have ever heard from an independent release, big and full! The guitars riffs are listener friendly with soaring leads that keep any guitarist on the edge of his seat. I think one thing I like so much about this actually is the production, because the drums sound the way drums are supposed to sound, full and rich. If you like a "big rock" sound with some in-depth lyrics that make you think then this is the band for you."

Sorg     CD Reviewer for Dead E-Zine - Brutal Music Healing a Brutal World.
"Mixing modern hard rock with progressive elements, America Gomorrah is a Christian metal trio with excellent musicianship and elegant melodies... The progressive touches appears at most in the 2 closing tunes, This Present Plague and the complex Through a Glass Darkly, this last with an enchanting atmosphere. The variation between the styles makes this album very diverse, and the competence of musicians is awesome." Rating: 8,5

Carlos A. M. Afonso     Editor in Chief, Renegade2K
"Just wanted to trop you a note and tell you I LOVE the CD!!! Top notch production the whole way through. You deserve a longer review, but for now let's just say I can recommend your CD 100% to anyone looking for quality rock. This is great stuff! The CD itself looks fantastic; I would not have guessed this didn't come from a label... I've seen packages that didn't look as good coming from the big labels, if that tells you anything.

Having listened through the entire disc, we decided to put Truth For A Lie into hot rotation. It is a well-done song that just gets better with each listen.

In His Majesty's Service,

Gene Savage     Savage Rock Radio - Christian Extreme Metal
"Very good melodic rock with progrock influences, sometimes some polished progmetal shines throughÄThese three people know how to play their instruments in order to serve the songÄThis is a very recommendable album for fans of melodic rock / AOR with slight prog tendencies." 7/10

Markus Weis     DURP - eZine from the progressive ocean
"This is a really great sounding disk...the production on it is great. This band can rawk!...the music on Exchanging [is] so infectious...edging closer to prog metal a la Dream Theater and Queensryche."

Stephanie Sollow     Progressive - Your ultimate guide to progressive music.
"America Gomorrah...imbues melodic arena rock with occasionally progressive instrumental flourishes...Crout's guitar work flashes where appropriate, and his symphonic atmospheres - though restrained - provide welcome layering." 11/16

John Collinge     Progression Magazine - the Quarterly Journal of Progressive Music
"Working as a homogeneous unit, the music on their debut CD "Exchanging truth for a lie" sounds very mature... A recommendable album for those interested in the lighter side of progressive rock." 4/5

Christian Rademaker     Edge Of Time - progressive atmospheric metal
"This CD is hotÄ I really believe in this band...they've got a bright future in front of them."

Rich Cattarello     KRKS 94.7 FM Denver / Boulder
"This is a very interesting new Progressive AOR band from Arvada, Colorado, USA, and are really worth checking out." 8/10

Gabor Kleinbloesem     Editor of Strutter'zine
"I was impressed before I even started listening to it - the packaging and presentation is VERY ProfessionalÄ Beautiful sound quality, very expressive and tasteful playing by everyone, and I just can't get enough of [the] guitar playing - I'm very impressed. You should be extremely proud of this CD!"

John Green, Boulder CO     Singularity
"[The CD is] excellent and will fit in great with all the other artists and bands we have on our webcasts."

Steve Taaffe     Internet Radio Free Kansas, RFKS
"Musically, this whole CD is put together amazingly well. Not a hollow feeling throughout. Thick and meaty with each song, proving that these boys know what they need to accomplish, and do it above and beyond the call."

Luci Frederick     Co-Administrator of
"I just want to tell you that I love the CD. Not only is the instrumentation fantastic, but the lyrics are great [as well]."

D. McCausland, Ellicott City, MD     Music Fan
"This is really incredible stuff, really. There honestly is not a bad place on it nor a bad song. Guitar playing and tone are really impressive. Wah work is inspired. SO expressiveÄSong structure is so good. Every part is interesting, unpredictable, and yet all flows together so perfectlyÄLyrics are to the point without being clichþ or trite. They fit with the music very wellÄMelodies are incredible. They have that perfect blend of minor / major that I love so muchÄThe production in general is very good. Very nice mix, very clean tracksÄDid I mention how tasty the guitar work is? Fabulous phrasing."

S. Deitrick, Battlecreek, NE     Music Fan
"I don't know what to say or where to start. I'm speechless about this album. I just finished the 4th time through the album and I'm completely knocked out every time. I was a little worried it might be a little too metal for my tastes at first, but it is great. The lyrics hit you between the eyes and the music is outstanding. It has been a while since a CD has caused tears to come to my eyes listening to it, but this one did during GaFS and TaGD. The production is incredible. I have gotten a bunch of really good music recently, but this one has had more spins than anything in a long while..."

D. Hoenich, Bedford, TX    Music Fan
"America Gomorrah's debut CD is truly a welcome answer to some of the "wanna-be" music found on Christian radio."

Jason Mitchener      Reviewer,


For those who might like to read a couple dissenting opinions, here you go. :)
(For the Whiplash review, you will need to read Portuguese, however)

"...Such lyrics combined with underachieving music will ward off most prog fans and non-believers,but American Gomorrah should definitely attract the tiny remnant of "sold out" Christian metal heads." 2/5

Josh Spencer     Phantom Tollbooth - Your Gateway to Music and More from a Christian Perspective
"O que vou dizer pode parecer um pouco pesado, principalmente por se tratar de uma banda crist†. Porþm, sinto, mas a ìnica frase para resumir o que penso quando ouÐo este debute do America Gomorrah þ: –De boas intenзes, o inferno tˆ cheio”. 5/10

Roughly translated and paraphrased: ""ETL" has more good intentions than good moments." and "Hell is full of good intentions".

Thiago Corr¡a      Reviewer,

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