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September 13, 2009


Wow, just found this guy. This article really speaks to me. I think I am going to put the Soap Box on Blogspot.....


July 13, 2009

Hello Sheeple! Watch yourselves being fleeced!
Where are your torches and pitchforks?!?!?

Hi there. I wonder if anyone will read this. Its been so long since anything was posted here, I would be surprised if anyone was paying attention. Well if you are paying attention, then I suggest that you pay attention to the links that I am going to place below. See, America is getting screwed right now and you are letting it happen. Yeah, I am letting it happen too. What can we do? Well, if nothing else, I can get it off my chest.

This page used to be my Soap Box. Well, that was before the term Blog appeared. So now, maybe its going to be my blog. We'll see.

I apologize to anyone who has visited this page in the distant past and was disappointed when I stopped contributing to it. Sorry. I was asleep. But I am awake now. I hope you are awake now too. Because you might want to say goodbye to your Dollar before its too late. Yeppers. The Powers That Be are seeing to it that it wont be worth very much pretty soon. How soon? Don't know. But soon.

Sorry I was asleep during the Bush Administration. I started out all patriotic and stuff when we were attacked, but then I fell asleep while Georgy Porgy stole our civil liberties and burned the Constitution. Took a little longer than 1984 but we have Big Brother now for sure. Thats convenient. Too bad all those people had to die just to scare you so much that you would be willing to let your government spy on you. Maybe you should have held on to those gun rights after all. Perhaps you wouldn't be so afraid of a terrorist if you felt capable of taking him out yourself.

Good thing the people of Iran aren't afraid like that. They are willing to risk death to protest their government. But we, we fat, stupid, lazy Americans would rather drink our Bud, eat Taco Bell and watch American Idol than pay attention to what is REALLY happening in this world. So I guess we deserve what we are about to get. America Gomorrah indeed.

If you are awake, please check out these websites. And when you are ready to light your torch, grab your pitchfork and march on Washington, let me know.


Neda Agha-Soltan


Mourn for Neda.

In Iran, they have been prohibited by their government from doing so.,8599,1906049,00.html





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